LookAgain – two updates in one week, I should buy a lottery ticket

After raising our complaint again, the people at LookAgain appear to be taking it a little more seriously this time.  My partner e-mailed the complaint as detailed in my last post and received the following reply on September 26th:

Dear Miss Smith

Thank you for your email.

With regard to connection of appliances, we can confirm that delivery crews are only contracted and insured to connect to existing pipework.

Your complaint against this particular delivery driver has been passed on to the supplier Beko for investigation, as they use their own nominated carriers.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Kind Regards

Sue Came
Look Again Customer Services

This was followed by a slightly more detailed reply on September 30th:

Dear Miss Smith

Further to your email 26.9.11 complaint re non connection of washer & abuse by Beko drivers.

Beko are currently investigating your complaint with the drivers concerned and their customer services office that took the calls from the driver on the day of delivery.They take these complaints extremely seriously and will deal with this matter as quickly as possible.

With regards to non connection,this was not done as the driver explained to the gentleman who accepted delivery that the pipework was in pieces on your worktop and whoever had disconnected your old appliance had not put the pipework back correctly and completely.All connection entails is the cold water pipe from machine to already existing pipework only.

Kind Regards

Elaine Turner
Look Again Customer Services

Not wishing to contradict Elaine, but sadly the last paragraph is total shite; the plumbing was not “in pieces” or “on the worktop”, simply the pipe for connecting the waste pipe from the washing machine to the drain had been removed, otherwise any water draining from the sink would have flooded the cupboard, which was explained, but seemed to be enough of an excuse for the driver to do as little work as possible after the machine had been brought into the property.  Elaine’s second point about connection entailing the cold water pipe from the machine being connected to an existing supply is a redundant point; I pointed out the supply was in place, and suggested as a compromise that this be connected as agreed and that I’d deal with the waste pipe myself, only to be told by the driver they would have no part in the installation.

I must admit I’m not sure how to react.  I know LookAgain are obligated to deal with customer complaints, and in this case they need to let BEKO investigate, but I get the feeling they are simply going through the motions, hoping that it’ll go away if they stall long enough.

As Ive said before, If you thinking of buying a household electrical item don’t buy it from LookAgain, and if you do, don’t pay for them to fit it, you will be ripped off.

Hopefully my next blog post will be on another topic, The Barking Atheist recently made a video on “THE ATHEIST CHALLENGE”, 25 questions for non believers, I might have a stab at answering them, assuming the fallacious nature of the questions doesn’t make me want break something.



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