LookAgain – another chapter in the saga

After what I described as the ‘token response’ from LookAgain a week ago, we’ve decided to write to them again, I don’t imagine we’ll get any more response from them, but hopefully the full extent grievance will be recorded, and they are aware that it, and their response so far has been made public.  My other half wrote to them again today, with a little input from me, and sent her communication by e-mail, as there are no attachments this time, we can hope this one won’t get lost:

Dear Sir/Madam

Account no: ********

 I recently sent a letter of complaint regarding the delivery and fitting, or should I say lack of fitting, of my washing machine and the way the delivery driver, P*** W*****, acted while in my house towards my partner.

I received a telephone call on Tuesday 13th September to discuss my complaint.  I do not believe the person I spoke too had actually read my complaint letter before calling me.  I was advised that under the terms and conditions the driver was correct in not fitting the washing machine and leaving it packed for shipping.  While I appreciate that I missed this in the terms and conditions I have now checked the catalogue they are at the very back of the catalogue, with no reference that I can see, to the terms and conditions on the pages regarding the washing machine fitting.  The only thing I can see is regarding non refundable terms.  The terms and conditions state “for all appliances, no addition electrical plumbing or other work will be carried out by the installer.”

While I appreciate that replacing a pipe may be classed as “other work” I think this was just an excuse to not fit the washing machine.  My partner asked for the washing machine to at least be unpacked and pipes fitted so that he could refit the missing pipe after they had left and finished the installation of the washing machine by just connecting the pipes but this was refused.  The girl on the phone advised the driver was correct in doing this as if it had flooded I could have made a claim against yourselves due to flooding.  Surely the driver could’ve phoned the company, as he did when he refused to fit the washing machine, to advise partial fitting had been done and it would’ve been recorded to cover himself, not that I would’ve made a claim anyway.

While on the phone I felt as if the person was simply hiding behind the terms and conditions, hoping to get the call dealt with, with as little actual effort as possible.  I suggested that it would be good idea that when the call back is made to customers maybe they should make this very clear when telling customers the how an old  washing machine should be disconnected, and how pipe work should be left.  In reply I was told that they have a lot of information to get through, however I don’t think that adding this information would be a big addition to advising the correct disconnection of the old appliance, and would also avoid complaints such as this.

During the telephone call I made several references to the way the delivery driver behaved while at my property but I didn’t receive an apology until I prompted your agent for a third time.  This is shocking customer service on your part.  The first thing I expected was an apology as this driver’s behaviour was completely inappropriate and aggressive.  This person was a representative of your company and he left a very poor impression, unless of course you encourage your staff to refer to your customers and/or members of their families as “fuckin’ wanker[s]”, in which case, he did a fantastic job.

I have used your catalogue for about 11 years, and I would normally be starting to make my Christmas purchases at this time of year, but at the moment I am still deciding whether I will be doing so, or going elsewhere.

I’ll look forward to your swift response on this matter.

Yours faithfully

******* Smith

As before, I’m not convinced we’ll get much of a result, but I’m open to any kind of reconciliatory gesture they might want to offer.  If they stick to their guns, then the whole thing is written up here for the public to see, this has already been read by over 200 people, that’s 200+ people who’ll probably think twice before buying from LookAgain, and that’s good enough for me.


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