LookAgain – The (Token) Response

If you’ve read this blog before, you may remember my recent account of events of when my girlfriend’s new washing machine was delivered a little over two weeks ago.  it was a fairly eventful Tuesday morning, and resulted in us writing letters of complaint to the LookAgain catalogue, and my prediction of some kind of token response – that was yesterday.

I should point out that while I was present for the delivery of the washing machine, I was not present when Miss Smith received the phone call from LookAgain’s representative, so this account will be pretty short,  second-hand, but still 100% biased.

From what I’ve been told the female representative from LookAgain who called to discuss the complaint had not actually taken the time to read the letter, so was not familiar with the nature of the complaint – abusive language, aggressive behaviour etc, and spent the entire duration of the conversation hiding behind some terms & conditions that, in fairness, are in the catalogue but were not mentioned during the conversation when the washing machine was ordered, and made no attempt to discuss or apologise for the delivery drivers behaviour until she was prompted… three times!!!

The final outcome – of the £30 charge  for installing the new machine and disposing of the old one, installation which didn’t happen and disposing of an old machine which would have cost nothing courtesy of the local authority: £10 has been refunded, the predicted token gesture.
For the abusive driver who called me a “…fuckin’ wanker”: an apology as warm as a Scottish winter, extracted with the ease of a constipated turd.

I think the plan now is to escalate the complaint to the next level, whatever that might be.  My advice to anyone buying a household electrical device, buy it somewhere else, LookAgain want your money, as much of it as they can get, for as little effort as they can put in to get it.


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