LookAgain again-not so much a sequel as a DVD extra

A quick update after my account of an unpleasent experience with a delivery guy on Tuesday (not monday as I’d said, I must have been traumatised by his terrible language), My other half decided to make her complaint to the customer service people at LookAgain, and not wanting to waste time, decided to do it by e-mail with my letter as an attachment.

I’m pretty sure most of us who use e-mail every day and are familiar with the process of attaching items to e-mails, and how to retrieve an attachment from an e-mail you’ve received.  I don’t anything about the programming, but I know how to use an e-mail client, it’s not rocket science.

Can you guess what the reply was?  It seems while the main body of the e-mail was the received, the attachment never quite made it all the way to its destination, so the customer service staff were unable to assist on this occasion.

How can a Microsoft Word document attached to an e-mail get lost?  I don’t know about you, but I call bullshit!!!

So we’ve sent the complaint again, this time using a time-tested method: the Post Office (‘cos they never lose stuff), and the next update will probably be sometime after Christmas.


One thought on “LookAgain again-not so much a sequel as a DVD extra

  1. I wouldn’t hold your breath, sounds like their entire workforce has been obtained using the tried and tested method *firing a bunch of tranquilizer darts into Primark on a weekend*

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