My car is back – and I don’t have a job

Well, it’s been a mixed couple of days.  having suffered fairly constantly from chronic migraines since january last year, and having changed jobs a few times since being made redundant in 2008, I’ve been working for the same employer (who shall remain nameless for now) since december, initially on a temporary contract, but permanent since march.  My health degenerated quite sharply in june, and I have been medically signed off since around the 17th of that month.

On Wednesday last week I received a rather ominous letter from them instructing me to attend a meeting on friday the 29th at 10am, and that, if I wished, I could arrange to have a union rep  or work colleague attend with me.  As i was not a member of the union, and had almost no time to arrange anything with anyone from work, I had little choice but to attend alone.

Upon arrival I was informed the meeting would be in two parts, the first being a review of my absence, and the second being a review of review of my performance in the job role as I was still within my probationary period.

The absence review went as expected – I was asked to explain my illness, the length of time it had been a problem, any medication etc, and this was met with lot of understanding nods and sympathetic smiles.  tell anyone you’re taking 2000 milligrams of medication a day, and explaining what it is, what it does, and what the dosages are; they ‘ll usually have a hard time calling you a  liar.

The probation review also went as expected – My expectation was that they wanted to sack me due to my absence, but couldn’t legally do so, so would use my “performance” against me.  I was not disappointed.  I did make a point of asking if any decision had been made before the review began (this was met with a pronounced silence), and was assured that nothing had been decided.  The team leader chairing the meeting went on to ask how I felt I had been getting on in the job, and I said that I felt I had taken some time to become comfortable with how the company wanted its work carried out, having been out of the contact center environment for almost two years it was taking longer for me to find my comfort zone.  At this point it was pointed out that my call scores were consistently sub-standard, and that I had failed ‘compliance’ every month, except one, since I had started (he did not mention that one of the company’s biggest clients had awarded me ‘call of the month’ for May 2011),  I pointed the inconsistencies in coaching techniques amongst the coaching staff was de-motivating, and the call marking system employed by the company was the worst I’d seen in my entire career, as far as I could see these comments were neither noted nor taken seriously.

The final decision was that my employment will be terminated, due to my health the company will agree to pay me one further weeks wages,  I’ll receive written confirmation of this, and I do have the right to appeal the decision.  I still think back to the one question I made a point of asking, and I’m pretty sure someone wasnt being very honest, and I’m damn sure it wasn’t me.

On a happier note, my car, which I thought was on its way to the big scrapyard in the sky seem to have recovered.  Despite having the fan fixed last week, the engine was still overheating, so I left it with the mechanic I use, and we were collectively worried it was gonna be an expensive repair, expensive enough it might have been cheaper to replace the car, but he bled the the whole system, and it all seem to be working.  We’ll see how it behaves over the next few day, but fingers crossed it’ll keep going, ‘cos money to buy a new car is something I really don’t want to be looking for right now.


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