Back to work on my website

I decided to put my website back up in May 2010 (it had previously existed in 2002) as platform to return to teaching guitar, sadly the kind customer base that I enjoyed in the first half of the last decade has not presented it’s self this time, and my number of job changes in the last couple of years has limited the amount of time I’ve been able to make available to potential students, but I’m still teaching a little, open to new students, and enjoying what little I can do.

On the subject of this post, as I’d recently started this blog, I decided to add a link to it to the homepage of the website, but recently lost the install file for my usual HTML editing tool.  To be fair it was a copy obtained by dubious means, and better not used for any commercial ventures any way.

I had posted on Facebook that I had lost much of my software and had asked for suggestions as to what I should use instead, since editing HTML in text form is not something I was keen to do, but there were no replies to that particular post, so  I acted on the (not so) old adage that Google is my friend and found a free programme called PageBreeze.  Similar to my previous program, it’s very much like using an office suite and generates the HTML code for you, and is very intuitive, at least it is once you figure out where things are.  Best of all – it’s free.

Once I’d gotten comfortable, the blog link was added.  I experimented further by changing a couple of images (I’d never liked the e-mail icon that I’d had since day one), and found my self working on a page on guitar effects that has been ‘under construction’ since before christmas.  A few photos of my pedal board and it’ll be ready to go live.


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